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125 sports and activities - covered for free

Lazing around on the beach is great. But sometimes the best way to make memories on holiday is to get out there and taste some adventure. To help you do just that, our policies include free cover for around 125 sports and activities - including surfing, swimming and certain types of scuba diving. Splash!

The following list details the sports and activities that are covered without charge when you are participating on a recreational and non-professional basis. (Note that you must follow local laws or regulations and use of recommended safety equipment.) You will not be covered when participating in any sport professionally, or whilst racing or during a competition.

An additional premium is required if you are planning a winter sports trip involving activities or sports that are on snow or ice. Please make sure you check the list below to ensure that any winter sports activities you plan to participate in as part of your trip are covered. Remember to add the optional winter sports cover when arranging your policy.

A hazardous sports and activities upgrade is also available for activities which are not covered as standard. Upon payment of an extra premium this optional upgrade provides cover for the additional sports and activities as listed below.

There is no personal liability cover for activities marked with an *.

Planning an activity that isn't listed below? Be sure to call us. There's a good chance we can cover you for an additional premium.

Abseiling (within organisers guidelines)
Administrative, clerical or professional occupations *
Amateur athletics (track and field)
Amusement parks (within organiser's guidelines)
Archaeological digging (use of hand tools only)
Banana boating /donuts / inflatables behind power boat *
Baseball (amateur)
Basketball (amateur)
Beach games
Bicycle riding / cycling wearing a helmet where required (excluding any participation in extreme events, racing or competitions) height restricted to maximum of 2,500 metres above sea level
Billiards / snooker /pool
BMX riding (wearing a helmet and no racing, stunts or obstacles) up to 2,500 metres above sea level
Body boarding (boogie boarding)
Breathing observation bubble (BOB)
Bungee jumping / swoop within organisers guidelines and wearing appropriate gear
Camel riding *
Camp America - counsellor *
Canoeing (up to grade 2 rivers)
Capoeira - no contact - dance movement only
Caring for children * (au pair/nanny)
Catamaran sailing * (if qualified and no racing)
Clay pigeon shooting *
Climbing (indoors on climbing wall only)
Cricket (amateur)
Cross country running
Curling (amateur)
Dancing (including instruction)
Deep sea fishing
Dinghy sailing (no racing) *
Driving motorised vehicles * (excluding quad bikes and buggies) for which you are licenced to drive in the UK (other than in races, motor rallies or competitions) and wearing a helmet if driving a motorbike, moped, scooter, segway or assisted bicycle and wearing a seatbelt when travelling in a motorised vehicle where a seatbelt is available for use
Falconry *
Fell walking/running (up to 2,500 metres above sea level)
Fencing (training only)
Flying as a fare paying passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft
Flying fox (cable car)
Football (amateur only, no coaching and not main purpose of trip)
Freefall / sky diving simulator (within organiser's guidelines)
Frisbee / ultimate frisbee
Glass bottom boats/bubbles *
Go karting * (amateur only and within organiser's guidelines)
Great Wall of China
Handball (amateur)
Helicopter rides (as a fare paying passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft)
Hobie catting * (if qualified and no racing)
Horse riding *(wearing a helmet and excluding competitions, racing, jumping and hunting)
Hot air ballooning (organised pleasure rides only)
Hovercraft driving / passenger *
Hurling (amateur only and not main purpose of trip)
Husky /horse / reindeer sledging or sleigh riding (as an activity as a passenger only with a local driver and not on snow)
Hydro zorbing
Indoor climbing (on climbing wall)
Indoor skating / skateboarding (wearing pads and helmets)
Inline skating / roller blading (wearing pads and helmets)
Javelin throwing (amateur)
Jet boating * (excluding racing and / or competitions)
Karting * (wearing a helmet and no racing)
Kayaking (up to grade 2 rivers)
Kayaking - sea (within sight of land)
Korfball (amateur)
Netball (amateur)
Paint balling / war games * (wearing eye protection)
Parasailing / parascending - over water *
Pony trekking (wearing a helmet) *
Power boating *
Racket ball
Refereeing (amateur only)
Ringos (not on snow) *
Roller skating / blading / in-line skating (wearing pads and helmets)
Rounders (amateur)
Rowing (no racing)
Running (non-competitive, not part of a triathlon and not a marathon of any type)
Safari trekking / tracking in the bush (must be organised tour)
Sail boarding / wind surfing
Sailing / yachting * (if qualified or accompanied by a qualified person and no racing)
Sand boarding / sand dunes / dune sliding / sand surfing / sand skiing
Scuba diving up to depth of 18 metres (if qualified or accompanied by qualified instructor and not diving alone, not involved in cave diving and not involved in air travel until more than 24 hours have elapsed after your last dive)
Sea canoeing / kayaking (within sight of land)
Segway riding * (organised tours only, wearing correct safety equipment including a helmet)
Shooting / small bore target / rifle range shooting (within organisers guidelines) *
Skateboarding (wearing pads and helmets)
Sledging / sleigh riding as a passenger (pulled by a horse or reindeer) with a maximum of 2 nights for Lapland trips
Softball (amateur)
Spear fishing (without tanks)
Speed sailing * (no racing)
Students working as counsellors or university exchanges for practical course work * (non-manual)
Surfing (including on-board surf simulators)
Swimming (excluding competitions or racing)
Swimming with dolphins
Swimming / bathing with elephants
Sydney harbour bridge (organised and walking across clipped onto a safety line)
Table tennis
Tall ship crewing * (no organised events or competitions)
Ten pin bowling
Tree canopy walking
Trekking / hiking / walking / hill walking up to 2,500 metres above sea level
Tug of war
Wake boarding *
Water polo (amateur)
Water skiing / water ski jumping *
Whale watching
White water canoeing / kayaking / touring / rafting up to grade 2 rivers
Wind surfing / sailboarding
Wind tunnel flying (pads and helmets to be worn)
Zap cats *(if qualified or accompanied by a qualified person and no racing)
Zip Lining / trekking (safety harness must be worn)
Zorbing / hydro zorbing / sphering

Optional winter sports cover

Winter Sports are covered only upon payment of an additional premium and where shown as purchased on your policy documentation. The policy will not cover any professional sports or entertainment and racing events.

Ice hockey
Ice skating
Kick sledging
Ski - blading
Ski - doing *
Skiing on piste **
Skiing - mono
Skiing Nordic
Skiing - off piste within resort boundaries **
Sledging/sleigh riding as a passenger (pulled by dogs, horses or reindeer) *
Snow biking
Snow boarding on piste **
Snow boarding - off piste within resort boundaries **
Snow bobbing
Snow carting *
Snow mobiling *
Snow shoe walking

** A piste is a recognised and marked ski run within the resort boundaries

Optional hazardous sports & activities

This optional upgrade provides cover upon payment of an additional premium for the following hazardous sports and activities on a recreational and non-professional basis.

Assault course (amateur only and not main purpose of the trip)
Bamboo rafting (up to grade 3 rivers)
Bar / restaurant work *
Beauty therapist *
Blokarting / land sailing / sand sailing *
Body building *
Bungee slingshot (within organisers guidelines and wearing the appropriate gear)
Bungee trampolining (within organisers guidelines and wearing the appropriate gear)
Dune / wadi buggying / bashing *
Elephant polo
Field hockey
Fruit or vegetable picking
Grass skiing
High diving (amateur only and not main purpose of the trip)
Judo / Karate * (amateur only and not main purpose of the trip)
Lacrosse (amateur only and not main purpose of the trip)
Marathon running (amateur only and not main purpose of the trip)
Minjin swinging
Mixed gas diving (nitrox / trimax and not commercial) up to 40 metres (if qualified)
Mud buggying *
Pot holing
Retail trade including occasional light, manual work * (but not including the use of power tools and machinery)
River tubing
Roller hockey (amateur only and not main purpose of the trip)
Rugby (amateur only and not main purpose of the trip)
Scuba diving up to 40 metres (if qualified scuba diver or accompanied by qualified instructor)
Sky jumping (from Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand only)
Street hockey (wearing pads and helmets)
Street luge / wicker basket tobogganing (as a passenger only)
Superintendence of manual work *
Tai chi
Trekking / hiking / walking / hill walking between 2,501 to 3,500 metres above sea level
Via ferrata
White water canoeing / kayaking / touring up to grade 4 rivers
White water rafting (up to grade 4 rivers within organisers guidelines)