Travel insurance for medical conditions

Travelling with a medical condition? There's a good chance we will still be able to offer you a policy. Complete our simple screening online or over the phone and let's see if we can get you covered.

  • Cover for most conditions - subject to medical screening
  • 24/7 access to emergency medical support
  • Access a GP anytime day or night via the Doctor Please! mobile app

Say yes to a happy holiday.
Get cost effective travel cover for your medical conditions.

When your medical condition is stable and well managed, there's no reason it should hold you back from a happy holiday. That's why we offer screening for most medical conditions and keep our premiums as low as we can, for travel lovers of all ages. And if we can't offer cover to you, we will point you in the direction of an insurer who should be able to help you instead. Because seeing the world is for everyone.

How does medical screening work?

Don't worry. Screening is just a case of answering a few quick questions about your health and how it's managed. That way we can make sure your quote is well suited to you and your travel plans. You can complete screening in a couple of minutes or so - either online or over the phone with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. Ready when you are.

We've included thoughtful medical benefits.
So you can travel with total peace of mind.

When you are travelling with a medical condition, there are one or two extra things to think about. Our policies are designed to give you total peace of mind. That starts with providing a generous £10m of cover for emergency medical and repatriation expenses. If you have any health queries you can connect with an English-speaking GP day or night via the Doctor Please! app. And in the unlikely event that you need medical treatment while you're away, you have 24/7 access to an emergency medical service to help you get the right care ASAP. So you can relax and enjoy a happy holiday - safe in the knowledge that professional help is at your fingertips if you need it.

Of course, you get all of our regular benefits too

Whether you are choosing single trip travel insurance or an annual policy to cover multiple trips, we give you flexible options so you can get the cover that's best for your plans and save money. Much better than going over-insured and paying for cover you don't need. Whatever you choose, all policies come with generous cover for the essentials like trip cancellation, medical fees and the loss or theft of your possessions. Oh and you'll have complimentary cover for over 125 sports and activities too. Get out there and have some fun.