Insuring Your Medical Conditions

  • Online screening for most existing conditions
  • No extra charges for many other medical problems
  • Cover available for 1000s of more serious conditions

Cover Benefits

If you have a medical condition you just need to answer a few questions, either online or by phone. As travel insurance specialists we are experienced and knowledgeable about 1000's of different conditions and can often offer cover without the need to pay anything extra.


Q: I have a medical condition. How can I find out if it's covered?

A: Its simple! First you'll need a quote for the policy itself and then we'll ask you a series of question about the conditions. If in doubt give us a call on 0345 812 0047.

Q: I have more than one medical condition. Can you still insure me?

A: Yes! Our parent company, Rothwell & Towler, are specialists in medical travel insurance and can cover 1000s of conditions. Just give us a call on 0345 812 0047. Or request a quote online.